Bang Out Those Brows!!!

8 Feb

Hello my beautiful babies!

So everyone knows that the eyebrows frame the face, right? Well if you don’t know, you better ask somebody! It’s true, your brows have so many functions aside from just lookin’ pretty after a fresh wax! LOL! Not only does it frame the face, but depending on the width, length, color, thickness/ thinness of the hairs, it can make your face look slimmer, rounder, make your eyes look bigger, smaller…it can even make you look older or younger! Wow, ALL that from a pair of eyebrows??!

Yes ma’am!! So on my YouTube ( I have gotten A LOT of requests on my eyebrows!! Awww thank you! So of course, I had to oblige the many requests I recieved and hit you guys with a tutorial…well, I have two tutorials on how I typically do my brows.

Check it out below.

This is not THE ONLY way, or the ABSOLUTE RIGHT way to do your brows, this is just how I do mine. But notice, in my technique, see the shape I choose for my brows. The thickness, the color, the texture. What I’m always going for is an extremely polished, chisseled, crisp brow. It works for me best, and it works with a lot of looks, both extreme and subtle.

You can always use less technical approaches when doing your brows, it’s all about what works best for you.

Tootles my Lovelies,

xoxo Chrissy

Quick Tip: if you’re unsure of what shape best fits your face, invest in some eyebrow stencils. Specifically ones with multi eyebrow shapes. Grab some brow powder and try out a couple of the shapes to see which one screams your name.

One Response to “Bang Out Those Brows!!!”

  1. thatgirlx 08/25/2011 at 7:37 pm #

    Great eyebrows!!

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