Simply Fly Eyes 101: New Simple Eye Makeup Series

8 Feb

Hello my beautiful babies!! SOOOOO I’m working, working, working on getting all my little duckies in a row, and in the madness that is my life so far, I’m finding that I have less, and less time to dedicate to making up my face!! LOL! Now, makeup is not EVERYTHING, granted, but in my life, and hopeful career, it is a driving force in everything I do, so I have to always put my best face out there, so to speak.

I know there’s a lot of gorgeous ppl out there that may not be as experienced with applying makeup as some of us, or simply, doesn’t like to wear TONS and TONS of fabulous makeup ALL THE TIME…hey there are a few of you guys who are, like me, trying to cut corners on how to achieve ultimate DIVA-tude in the fraction of the time!! Hey, I hear ya. Don’t you worry. I have a new series that I have started on my YouTube page ( and it’s called Simply Fly Eyes 101.

The intention behind this series is for the reasons I just described and so much more!! I anticipate doing a total of 10 looks; neutrals, popping colors, smokey eyes, heavy metals and shimmers. Some of the key things I’m going to address are using minimum brushes, products, working with different mediums such as pigments, shade sticks and paint pots, as well as transitioning a day-to-night look incorporating lip colors, blushes and bronzers!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! So check out the link below for my latests videos in the series.

Tootles my Lovelies! Muah!

xoxo Chrissy

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