Fab Chick, Feirce Paint: Trina

2 Sep
Trina, rocking a bold red lip and sheer lids

Those shoes!! Love it!

One makeup trend that is coming back with a vengence is actually a look that has been and will remain timeless and seductive; sheer, muted eyes with a bold, red lip. WOW!! And what better chica to rock this classic, siren look than the oh-so trendy Trina. Now trust me, I know Miss Trina has had her fair share of Hit-And-Misses throughout her career as far as fashion choices and makeup looks, but you have to admit, in the last couple years, lil mama’s been steppin’ it up big time. Noteably, her makeup artist is a beast with this one; this is the perfect, polished, sexy face to compliment an overall sleek, grown and sexy look. Big Ups mamas. Bravo!

Wanna dupe this look? Check out these products; MAC “Woodwinked” or “Wicked Wink” by Make Me Over Cosmetics http://www.makemeovercosmetics.com

Revlon Matte Lipstick "Really Red"

Perfect shade of red!! You can add gloss to kick up the shine, or just wear it matte.

26 Neutral Palette

As an alternative, I would use the top, left-hand corner color as my basic eye lid color.

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