Products That I’m Lovin’: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

2 Sep

Awesome coverage, silky formula, lasts all day, and pretty friggin’ affordable. What more could you ask for in a liquid foundation??

Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SPF 12, #370 Toast

Now Divas, I know that a lot of you guys tend to shy away from liquid foundation because there’s just so much fuss with them! I know, trust me, I know. Depending on the weather outside, I tend to stay away from liquid foundations all together, because as you know, in summer heat, products such as liquid foundations tend to clog up the pores (which is not a good look) or frankly, run, move around on the skin, or separate on the skin as well (which is DEFINITELY not a good look). With all things considered, if you have the basics down with working with liquid foundation ( how to apply it depending on your coverage desire, what type of foundation formula you chose depending on your skin type, and of course, setting your foundation with a complimentary powder) you’ll find that with this product, it’s pretty impressive, and dare I say, rival most of the more expensive comps; i.e. MAC, MUFE, etc.

Personally, this is one liquid foundation that I constantly pick up and stock my kit with, ALWAYS!! I absolutely love, love, love this stuff! My Diva Tip: Don’t just take my word for it Divas. Take the Pepsi challenge and go try out samples of this products as well as comperable foundations, swipe them, and you be the judge.

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