REVIEW!!! MBS Cosmetics (MakeUp By Sparkle)

30 Nov

Ladies, ladies, ladies!! I have lucked upon a real live Diamond-in-the-ROUGH with this cosmetics line; MBS Cosmetics, or better known as Makeup by Sparkle Cosmetics. This cosmetics line is so too friggin’ fabulous for words Divas! Oh my goodness gracious.

There are so many good points that I IMMEDIATELY saw with this cosmetics line as soon as I stepped into MakeUp by Sparkle’s studio;

1.) Like the owner herself, and her beautiful studio, Sparkle’s cosmetics line comes packaged in streamlined, professional, sleek boxes and cases where her products are housed. No frills, no fuss, just black and white. And truthfully speaking, I always thought “Gee, how genious is it to literally let the PRODUCTS speak for themselves?!”

2.) Speaking of letting her products speak for themselves…com’on now son! 🙂 Get this; all of MBS Cosmetics’ products are  non-comediaginic, paraben free and hypoallergenic!! YAY!!!!!!!! All that AND this kind of color payoff…

3.) With the background that Ms. Sparkle has in the beauty industry, her experience in the “business of makeup” both as a consumer, a practicing professional MUA (makeup artist), consultant  and entrepeneur, it goes to show that a well rounded fellow MUA should and WOULD know exactly what Pro MUAs want and need as far as products.
Overall, I had a pleasing experience w/ Makeup By Sparkle Cosmetics. It’s such a breath of fresh air to finally get my hands on a product line that offers the same quality as the other “Bigger Names” out there, is confident enough to stand side by side with any competition, and still have the heart and soul of your favorite “Mom and Pops”. Go Sparkle! And you go too…yeh you…you reading this! Go to
Check out the “About Us” section of site and read up on this Dynamic Diva.I know I’ll be pickin’ up some more pieces from MBS…will you?
REVIEWS on MBS Cosmetics right after the jump!
Full Listing of all of the MBS Cosmetics’ products reviewed in the videos below as well as the links! 
Ornate  (                     
Minx  (                     
Custom 5 Eyeshadow Pro Palette (
Immortal Creme Eyeshadow (crease-resistent, pigmented, eyeshadow) 
Holiday Makeup Set – Eyeliner Obsession – 
Nearly Naked Long Lasting Lipgloss – 
Part 1 Review:
Part 2 Review:
Part 3 Review:
Tutorial: Holiday Look

MBS Cosmetics’ Product Must-Haves:

Their Camera Ready Foundation Primer (WAAAYYYY better than Smashbox’s Photofinish primer) and their Vitaman E sticks (vitamen E is the active ingredient in all of her lipsticks and lipglosses, BUT sold alone, the vitamen E stick is so much better than your Chap Stick, Carmex or favorite lip balm…THEEE BOMB!)


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  1. Venus Smith 12/05/2011 at 6:27 am #

    You have to work more about this page because cosmetics is to broad. I think put some interesting topic in this blog. Although I like the way you make your tutorial and I am convince what you want to explain all about.

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