Hair Move: Deshoveled Messy Waves

10 Aug

Waves made by using my Ion 1" thermal curlers, and Helen of Troy tapered curling wand

HEY DIVAS!! So shout out definitely goes out to my girl Crystal Carmen of Pink Stilettos Cosmetics. I’m starting to discover more and more styles to create with my extensions so that I don’t have to stress out my natural hair. With this hair installation using Vixxens Hair Imports’ Virgin Wavy hair, dyed in an Ombre treatment, I’ve already tried it naturally curly, loose body curled, tight springy curls and now, relaxed Lazy Curls!! Crystal wanted me to do a textured style with this hair, and I decided to achieve this look using two styling, hot tools!

Helen of Troy tapered curling wand, purchased at Sally's Beauty SupplyIon Curling Iron, purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply

Ion Curling Iron, purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply

These hot tools are a must have, in my opinion, when styling my natural hair. Specifically the Ion styler, because it’s thermally guaged and it lets out steam while curling my strands which does nothing but retain the moisture I really need in my natural hair. I don’t have to get it to the hottest setting and that’s GREAT!!My Helen of Troy tapered iron seems to do the same thing, but the jury is still out. I haven’t really broken it in all the way! Haha, but so far, I really like it.

To achieve this look you can do it one of two ways. The first way, which is how I styled it, is using hot tools (see video below)

Another way, which may be a more preferred method especially in dealing with the hot weather and you own natural hair, is using Flexi Rods. Flexirods are super easy to use, it’s honestly fool-proof and user friendly. Unlike most loose rollers, you can achieve numerous different curl patterns/ options. Flexirods come in different sizes to help create messy waves, bodacious curls for both long and shorter hair. Definitely Diva Must Have!!!

Styles that you can achieve using this magical things!

2 Responses to “Hair Move: Deshoveled Messy Waves”

  1. Lisa 08/14/2011 at 11:31 pm #

    Pretty! Beautiful makeup.

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