5 Week Update: Vixxens Hair Imports Virgin Indian Hair

15 Aug

Hey y’all!! So it’s about that time for another hair update with my latest install using Vixxens Hair Import’s Virgin Indian hair. For all those who aren’t familiar with this site, and my initial review, check out the video and the link below;

Now that you guys are up to speed, let’s dive right into the latest experience with this hair company. (see video below)

In a nutshell, I’m still very satisfied with this company and the hair that I was provided. The shedding has increased some, but it’s my opinion that it’s just due to the color treatment I did in the hair. As I stated in the video, I created a 3/4 wig piece using this hair similar to xXTheIslandBeautyXx’s quick weave system.

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

For anyone who’s curious as to how mine looked after I made it (let me warn you, they look a little rough, haha), here you go!

I knew I needed a sturdy cap to sew my tracks on, so I pick this guy up from my local Beauty Supply StoreAfter I gave myself a protein treatment, I blew dried my hair at a low heat. I later braided it in the same pattern as xXTheIslandBeautyXxAfter roughly fitting the cap to my head, I affixed the cap to my foam mannequin head and sewn it down to make sure it stayed in place

After I gave myself a protein treatment, I blew dried my hair at a low heat. I later braided it in the same pattern as xXTheIslandBeautyXx

So for a first shot, I think I did a decent job. I dunno, you guys tell me. I hope that doing this method with this and any future hair I purchase will make it easier to install and maintain a gorgeous, divafide protective style. I’ll definitely let you know!!!

After roughly fitting the cap to my head, I affixed the cap to my foam mannequin head and sewn it down to make sure it stayed in place

As for the feedback that I received from my DIVAS regarding their experience with Vixxens Hair Imports since the launch of my initial review, any issues that were brought up, have since been addressed and resolved from Lisa herself. I’m not saying all issues are null and void, but any issues that were brought to my attention either was answered immediately by Lisa, or I brought it to her and she followed up accordingly, as any business, little or large, should do.

I don’t like nasty attitudes, personal attacks or any tackiness when it comes to business, and anyone who knows me, knows above all, when it comes to what I’m trying to do right HERE, I’m about my business. An coming from the stance of a business woman, before I continue to slap my name on something, or stand by something, I want to always do it with pride, professionalism, humility and growth. I want each experience to be a learning experience, not another notch on my belt to say “Uh, honey, you don’t know this or that. I’ve been doing this for YEARS” bullsh!t. That’s not my nature. There’s pride, and there’s cockiness, and with business, pride trumps cockiness any day. In my opinion, the way that Lisa has been addressing these concerns, she’s well on her way on maintaining a  successful business. Go girl!

Check out her site, and as always, shop wisely Divas.


(UPDATE) So Lisa decided to address all the negative comments that she’s received since the launch of my initial review. See below

So Divas here’s my personal opinion on this video; it’s like I feel two ways about this. One side is telling me, yeh, I see where she’s coming from. She’s upset, not because of the negative feedback, but from the fact that a lot of this info is inaccurate. Basically she feels some Divas are super impatient, and instead of following up with her directly and confidentially so that she may have an opportunity to remedy the situation (as I advised as well), they choose to comment on my video their concerns or bad experience on my video. Then there’s the comments concerning the MAC products she HAD on her site, but since deleted, she had issues with those comments. On the other side I found myself holding my head saying “Damn sis, I wish you didn’t do this”. WHY? Well, this is coming from love, but I think it looks a certain way for a business rep to “wear their heart on their sleeve” in such a way that they publicly “out” their customers for basically being liars and haters. YES it’s quite gratifying to call out someone who you see as bringing potential or actual negative and inaccurate feedback towards your business, but see here’s the catch 22; this is her business. I really felt Lisa, and where she was coming from on a personal note, but as a business rep, going this route shouldn’t be the way. You’re representing your name, your brand, quality and professionalism. Out of the 1200 new customers that came to your site sista, what’s 2 or 3 doubters, nay-sayers or “haters” going to do? I see your need to address them, but hopefully, if this issue arises again, you do just that; address them.

I personally decided to keep those original comments up on my video for a number of reasons; I invited my viewers to share their honest opinions and experiences and I can’t just chop these comments down just because it’s basically overzealous or untrue. I wanted to show others that by Lisa, Vixxens Hair Imports’ responses to those comments alone, this would show others your customer service even if they hadn’t visited your site. AND most importantly, if you’re putting yourself out there for the world, you’re making yourself open for criticism, and not all criticism is bad. My advice to Lisa, as I flip through her inventory and pick out the next hair I WILL BE PURCHASING FROM HER SITE, is please, please sista let this be a learning experience, and continue to nuture and grow your business. Take every encounter as a learning experience, and never settle!

Much love! xoxo Chrissy

3 Responses to “5 Week Update: Vixxens Hair Imports Virgin Indian Hair”

  1. kemmie 06/26/2012 at 11:16 pm #

    can u make one wig for me, i think u r awesome

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