8 Week FINAL Review: Vixxens Imports Hair Virgin Indian/ Info on my new 3/4 Wig Install

16 Sep

So Divas, I have reached the final stretch with my gorgeous VIXXENS HAIR IMPORTS Virgin Indian Hair! I have sewn it in, created two 3/4 (U Part) Wigs, colored it, layered it, curled it…EVERYTHING!! Now here’s my final report of my overall experience with this company; still Divafide and Satisfied! I have experienced more shedding with all the tossles and tumbles that I put this hair through, enough to let you DIVAS know, but not enough to turn me off to this company. Upon my initial review, it was soft, tangle-free, minimum shedding, cleaned/ sanitized with a very faint scent, it colored easily and beautifully, it curled wonderfully and it held on to the curling styling with minimum product.

The changes that I made with this 3/4 wig install is actually the base/ cap that I used! I opted to use an actual mesh/ netted wig cap w/ adjustable straps. I simply sewn the tracks onto the cap, closely together, and left out a smaller, U Shape opening at the top. I also used a sting/ thread across the front of the U part to keep the shape of the wig. I may add clips or combs in this wig later, once I get a real feel of how this structure holds up. Check out these photos below!

Check out my 8 week review (recorded Sept. 1, 2011);

Info on my hair’s stats, check out my initial and 5 week review:

Go here!: https://glamscamartists.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/5-week-update-vixxens-hair-imports-virgin-indian-hair/

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