Contouring for the GODS!!! Using Black Opal Cosmetics

3 Oct

Let me tell you something about these friggin foundations…

My curiosity was peeked with these foundations particularly because I was inspired by BisaNation (  and her foundation routine video, in which she used several products, one of which was Dermablend foundations. For anyone who’s not familiar with Dermablend foundations, really quickly, this is a rich, creamy, ultra pigmented foundation, mostly packaged in a white jar. The consistency is very thick and is mostly used in the coverage of hyper-pigmentation in skin and scar coverage. It’s a heavy-duty, cream foundation y’all. 

Bisa’s Foundation and Contouring video using Dermablend concealer

Bisa’s video talking about Dermablend concealer

Great vids huh? Love this chick, so dope!

As I extend my clientele, I am constantly approached with different skin types/ issues that I must address, and in furthering my education on the best ways to approach these issues, I make it a point to maintain a well-rounded cosmetic inventory at hand. It’s not all about MAC Pro Long wear and NARS lipglosses; everything is not for everyone. Dermablend has been a product that I was first aware of when my sister, Ash, was suggested this brand to help cover the cherry red, porte-wine stain birthmarkings made on her face and neck. It was a few years back, and her experience was not so great with them back then. Since this, Dermablend has made some “improvements” to the formulations, and it was when I saw BISA’s videos featuring this product line that my lips were-a-drooling on getting something like this product. From my research, I determined that it’s my opinion that  Black Opal’s Total Coverage Concealing Foundation is probably a strong comp with the Dermablend foundation according to what the product claims to offer.

In some shape or fashion, I have always been a lover of product lines that constantly keeps “me” in mind (as a woman of color). I’ve been drawn towards product lines like IMAN, Black Radiance, Black Opal, Milani, Kiss etc. because it just feels good to see some proactive and positive representation of people like me in terms of beauty. I believe that if given the “Pepsi Challenge” a lot of the products carried under these lines rival a lot of the higher end cosmetic brands. Here’s the problem; these product lines often lose out because they can’t compete to the amount of selection, inventory and presence in prominent cosmetic outlets as other cosmetic companies, so in that respect, people like me (true supporters) suffer.

Now, I’m sure some of you may have seen Black Opal in your local BSS (Beauty Supply Store) or drug store, but of course these vendors don’t carry the full volume of products that Black Opal does carry. Unfortunately, if you want to get a full feel of what these lines have to offer, you would have to go to their online store ( or alternative online sites that carry more of their products. Can’t swatch’em, but you could possibly purchase sample-sized packages of their products.

HANDS DOWN thee best cream foundations I have tried so far. I’m not too much a fan of Black Opal’s foundation sticks because the consistancy is a little too slick and creamy. The coverage is on point, but I find it more difficult to modify the coverage and stay put! These cream foundations, however, are a big improvement!

Staying in line with the excellent coverage that this product line offers, Black Opal’s Total Coverage Concealing Foundations offer superb coverage, long lasting wear, and a wide array of shades that virtually matches every woman of color’s skin! The formulation is that it is firm yet pliable once it’s deposited onto a cosmetic blending/ mixing tray, the back of the hand or any cosmetic tool prior to application on the face and body. Once you apply and work the product in, it blends beautifully and smooth. Be careful though! A little bit definitely goes a long way.

I decided to just get a couple shades (I bought 5 out of the 8 available shades they had) but because I am sooo satisfied with these foundations, I plan on rounding out my collection with the remaining 3 shades.  The shades I purchased were Truly Tropaz (my true shade), Khalahari Sand, Rich Caramel, Hazelnut and Carob. I bought these online and they retail for $9.50 plus shipping/ taxes.

Lets talk about the pros and cons with this product from Black Opal

Pro: Excellent, buildable coverage; minimum to MAXIMUM coverage

Pro:  It’s hypoallergenic

Pro: Super convenient, 2-in-1 product; part-concealer part-foundation

Pro: This product is infused with skin-protecting minerals! Gotta love that

Pro: For all skin types

Pro: Matte finish

Pro: Long wear, but non-drying

Pro: Loads of product for the price point

Pro: Convenient packaging for travel, personal or professional use.

Con: The product can be a little intimidating for the novice makeup wearers

Con: May have to put in a little more work to deter product transfer on clothes (this is not a serious undertaking, and you have this issue with many similar makeup products. Just use a generous amount of setting powder and/or makeup setting spray)

Hey, I’m being honest with this one…these are the only “bad” points I can think of. I purchased these products with my hard earned money so I tend to be even more critical with my satisfaction of certain things, hehe.

Now here’s a good point to add when purchasing from Black Opal’s online site; you get free gifts after you spend so much. My purchase was a little more than $50 and I got the choice of two free, sample-sized products from their site. I’ve always been courious about their Total Coverage Camaflauge Spot & Scar Eraser (concealer, retail $8.95) so I said “What the heck, throw a couple of those in there!” I chose two shades; Heavenly Honey and Truly Tropaz.

Let me tell you, even with this little sample size tube, I can already tell from the 5 or so time uses that I got out of it (with plenty of product left to spare), that this product would last me an unreal amount of time. I can’t imagine the amount of use I can get out of this stuff when I buy the full size. OH MY GOSH! Like, seriously, a little bit goes a very, VERY long way. This is an incredibly, useful product. It’s pliable, full coverage, heavy duty but light weight, and it’s rub resistant! Once it’s set, it stays put all day. Enough about Black Opal, you’ve gotta check them out for yourself! Remember do your research, and shop wisely!

xoxo Chrissy

8 Responses to “Contouring for the GODS!!! Using Black Opal Cosmetics”

  1. tysh 10/04/2011 at 2:42 am #

    Its funny you have her video, I just watched the same video today

  2. Trice 10/10/2011 at 11:52 pm #

    I love the way you contour. I am still trying to get the hang of it. Stay blessed, and I will miss you on youtube.

  3. Nanny Addo 01/06/2012 at 1:38 pm #

    I love it

  4. Bri 04/09/2012 at 7:09 am #

    I would love to see your face routine, plzzzz just not there yet with mine :/

  5. charlotte 05/22/2015 at 6:54 pm #

    for the total coverage concealors i found that with some camera’s the flash made the areas i used it look ashy though. you havent found this with them at all?

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