NYX HD Concealers: High Def Quality for Low Funds??

29 Feb

DIVAS!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I found my new most-loved concealer (opinion is subject to change, with my fickle-ass, ha!).

And first off, before you even go there…NO I do not work for NYX, I just love their products! No, but seriously, as an MUA I can appreciate different products with different textures and finishes, to satisfy and create different looks for a multitude of skin types/shades.

With that being said, I am rarely satisfied with a one-stop shop type of product that I can use all across the board. As fabulous as NYX HD Concealers are, I can’t let go or part with other brands’ concealer choices altogether.

BUT wait, let me tell you about this ish righ here! THIS ISH RIGHT HERE!!! Fantastic! It’s a high definition formulated, skin correcting product that is as lightweight as it is powerful. Definitely photo friendly! The texture is smooth, heavy duty yet thin, and it sort of “sets” itself once the product is worked into the skin, especially using a cosmetic sponge. I still would suggest you dust on a light, translucent powder just to be extra sure that the product is locked into place.

I didn’t see the product available on the NYX Cosmetics site, but I gathered up a few from Ulta.com (a life saver!), retails $5.49

2 Responses to “NYX HD Concealers: High Def Quality for Low Funds??”

  1. Maira 08/08/2012 at 1:34 pm #

    What colors are those?

  2. Jazmyne 09/22/2013 at 5:47 pm #

    What is the color in the middle ? Lol it looks like mac nc30

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