Weave (Wig) Files: RPG Show Yaky 16″ Wig

6 Dec

Hey DIVAS!!!

So I know that this is a huge leap for you to see me actually wearing and reviewing a lace wig! I’ve worn a cpl in my day, some good, mostly bad. Some a couple times, some ONCE! Now if you’re anything like me, you hear “Lacefront” and you instantly cringe. From the “Oh-So-Noticable (Un)Natural Hairlines” to the gluing nightmares…ooh, I always see the worst case scenerio in my head. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some fly Divas out there that rock the SH!T out of some lace wigs, BUT unfortunately they are the minority in this weave game. HAHA! Shout out to April (muffinsismylover/YouTube) and Ms. Woods on Youtube because they can slap on a lace wig and make it look flawless hone with NO PROBLEM!!

Ahem, so when RPG Show Wigs reached out to me to review one of their wigs, I was extremely honored but really really REALLY scared. I quickly did my research and looked up thousands (slightly exaggerated) of videos from all kinds of beautiful sisters wearing and reviewing some gorgeous wigs from this company. Not everyone is going to love everything that a company makes or does, so I wasn’t surprise by some negative feedback. I was, however, surprise by the amount of positive feedback for a company that makes full and partial lace wigs, human hair, at such a low price. Low budget, no it’s not honey!

So this is what I recieved: http://sales.rpgshow.com/glueless-cap-human-hair-wig-straight-16-els118s-p-4348.html. The only difference between this one provided in the link, and the actual wig that I reviewed is that the wig I reviewed was a full lace wig, and not glueless. AHHHH, it gave me the heeby geebies Divas. Check out my full review, and cut and styling video to see what I REALLY thought of this wig.

*Note: This wig did not have bleach knots, but there are plenty of videos on YouTube that show you how to bleach your own knots should you desire it.


Beauties with the BEAST

21 Nov

Beauties with the BEAST

(from left to right) MissChriss MUA, Shani Jones, Sophia Smith.
All Makeup was done by ME!!
Photographer: NSpire Photostyle

Shani is wearing "Hoochie" lip tar by OCC Makeup. Hair styled by Ebony E Styles Stroder

So DIVAS, I recently did a Makeup Photoshoot with the talented Tasha Canon of NSpire Photostyle (located in Indianapolis, IN). I begged a cpl of my beautiful, real clients to join me on this Glamour Girl shoot and I’m SOOO glad they indulged me! Check out a cpl shots from the shoot!

Sophia Smith is rocking Indi Remi Ocean Wave hair in 16" and 14". Lips are courtesy of Pink Stiletto Cosmetics; "Mystic" lip whip and "MissChriss82" lipgloss

Product List:


Maybeline Define-A-Brow pencil, Dark Brown

Black Opal Total Coverage concealer, Heavenly Honey/ Truly Topaz

M.A.C. Matchmaster,  #7.5

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid, NC45

Pink Stiletto Cosmetic matte foundation (powder), #109/#110

Sleek Cosmetic Contour palette, Dark

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics blush, Prima Donna

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics pigment (used as cheek highlight), Cleopatra

E.L.F. Everyday Neutrals palette

E.L.F. black eyeshadow

MBS Cosmetics khol pencil, Onyx

Ruby Kisses iBling Liquid glitter liner, Glitz N’ Green

Ardell Wispies, long

OCC lip tar, Hoochie

Sleek Cosmetics lipstick, Fuschia

(Shani Jones)

Maybeline Define-A-Brow pencil, Dark Brown

Black Opal Total Coverage concealer, Heavenly Honey/ Truly Topaz

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid, NC45

Pink Stiletto Cosmetic matte foundation (powder), #109

Sleek Cosmetic Contour palette, Dark

Sleek Cosmetics blush, Sahara

100 Evening Bag eyeshadow palette (Available on http://www.colorfulonline.com)

Studio Gear Cosmetics eyeshadow, Sable

Ruby Kisses iBling Liquid glitter liner, Glitz N’ Green

Ardell Wispies, long

OCC lip tar, Hoochie

Sleek Cosmetics lipstick, Fuschia

(Sophia Smith)

Maybeline Define-A-Brow pencil, Dark Brown

Black Opal Total Coverage concealer, Heavenly Honey/ Truly Topaz

M.A.C. Matchmaster,  #7.5

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid, NC45

Pink Stiletto Cosmetic matte foundation (powder), #109/#110

Sleek Cosmetic Contour palette, Dark

Sleek Cosmetics blush, Sahara & Aruba

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics pigment (used as cheek highlight), Cleopatra

Pro 20 Piece Eyeshadow Palette

E.L.F. black eyeshadow

MBS Cosmetics khol pencil, Onyx

Ruby Kisses iBling Liquid glitter liner, Glitz N’ Green

Ardell Wispies, long

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics lip whip, Mystic

Pink Stiletto Cosmetics lipgloss, MissChriss82

CHECK OUT PINK STILETTO COSMETICS!!! : http://www.mypinkstiletto.com
Check out NSPire Photostyle, and add them: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003050113486&sk=info
For booking info, contact NSpire Photostyle for a full throttle Diva shoot at nspire.sp@gmail.com.
For booking info for professional makeup applications and consultations, contact me at MissChriss82@gmail.com

Bang This: K Michelle “I Can’t Do This”

11 Oct

Silky, Bronze Eyes

10 Oct

Products used:


M.A.C. brow pencil, Stud

Black Opal concealer, Truly Tropaz


Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer

NYX Jumbo Pencil, Iced Mocha

Pro 20 Color Palette

Smashbox khol pencil, Onyx

Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara

Makeup Forever liquid liner

Response 117 false lashes


Black Opal Conceal/ Found., Truly Tropaz & Carbo

M.A.C. Prep + Prime, translucent

E.L.F. blush, coral


NYX Matte Lip Cream, Stockholm

Black Radiance lipgloss, Crystal Lilac

10 Oct

So Divas, I had fun being a little blonde, but in my experience, brunettes have more FUN! haha. I had to go back to my black hair, I’m sorry I just had to.

So I knew that I may have been pushing my Vixxens Hair Imports hair to the limit by taking on a second color treatment, but it was worth a shot. I went to my local CVS, picked me up some Clairol Textures & Tones hair color (1B Silken Black) and took a chance! Check out the process. Continue reading

I’m Taking a Hiatus…from YouTube…just a little one :)

10 Oct

Hey Divas,

Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m just taking a short break from recording live videos on my YouTube for a short while. Check out the vid below to get all the deets!

So if you suffered through my lengthy video, you got all the meat and potatoes on why I have chosen to take a break. In short, I have to get my barrings together to essentially provide you guys with quality videos. Videos that’s full of info, character and variety. I’m definitely venturing in creating 2 other YT channels; one basically my vlogging channel where I talk about my day to day as a single mommy, a friend, a sister, see how I explore my makeup artistry as a career, school, reviews on television and other forms of entertainment, and namely a place where I can hold, what I call are my “Diva Discussions”. Basically I’m inviting you Divas out there to ask me anything from makeup to relationships, whatever, and I’ll do my very best to address them. 🙂 The other channel will be geared towards my health and body/ weight loss journey. It’s a huge undertaking, but I want you guys to get a full view of Chrissy, me! (ooh, I might be kickin’ myself after this one.)

My MissChriss82 YT Channel will still be what you’re used to, hair and makeup, but even more…fashion, outfits of the days. I hope you enjoy that!

In my YouTube absence, please take the time out to check out these gorgeous YT Divas. They are definitely women that I am currently (stalking) subbed too, and I think you can take a piece from each of their channels and incorporate them in your Diva Life.  Continue reading

Fall Trend: Sexy Print, Form Fitting dress w/ Nude Pumps & Funky, Chunky Accessories

4 Oct

Dress: H & M

Pumps: Chinese Laundry

Black Top: Victoria Secrets (strapless bra)

Bangles: (purchased years ago, different places)

Earrings (two pair): Beauty 4 U (green, oval shaped, crackled earrings), Forever 21 (long, gold, leaf accented, dangles)

So this is what I decided to “throw” on for my “FIRST TIME IN A LONG WHILE GOING OUT” outfit. I was definitely inspired by the fall trends of big, animal prints and chunky accessories. You can either accessorize by throwing on a wide belt, thick bangles, chunky/ funky neck piece or large geometric or organically shaped earrings. Remember don’t over-accesorize! Less is definitely more! I chose three chunky bangles; two black and one ombre cream and gold. All three bangles have different sizes and finishes (from shiny, semi-glossy, to matte) but the choice of allow one of the three bangles to bring in the “pop” of color still balances the look.

With such a bold print it’s easy to want to go the other way and be a little more conservative with your accessorizing. Don’t be deterred. It’s all about the hue choices that would take a look from abstract to mismatch. For this look I stuck with one formula; add a pop of contrast with greens, bronzes and golds. It will give you a pop of color, without being too electric…unless that’s what you like 😉

Inspired by these trends and trendsetters:

Jessica White, model

Though I’m not a fan and is not often inspired by the beautiful model’s fashion choice, it’s something about a sexy animal print, hugging a womanly shape that’s always inspiring. Sure, I would’ve made different shoe and clutch choices but as a whole, she’s got the look.

Kim Kardashian, reality tv star Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Shapely Kim K knows how to work form fitting dresses baby! With more curves than a bottle of Coke and a super plunging, sweetheart neckline, she’s spot on for using very minimum accessories. I mean, what more do you need to set something like this off?!

Khloe and Kim Kardashian

These chicas accesorized these fits in different ways that both anchored this look conservatively, yet made it fashion forward and super sexy; tights and belts! Both ladies rocked solid, black, opaque tights, but Khloe rocked it out with thigh high boots while Kim wore a wide, patent leather belt and peep toe suede ankle booties. FAB!

Although there’s an overload of prints, you get the general idea. There’s an inspiring, animal print piece that you can take from each of these looks and add to your existing wardrobe. Now unleash the Animal DIVA you have inside and WERK!!! lol

Makeup Look/ Products Used:


Black Opal Total Coverage Concealing Foundation

NYC Translucent Powder

MAC MSF “Dark”


MakeUp by Sparkle “Hot and Spicy” blusher/ bronzer


Black Opal Spot and Scar Concealer

Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Palette

Colorful Online 88 color Mirage Palette


MakeUp by Sparkle eye khol pencil, Onyx

Too Faced Size Queen mascara


Milani lip/ eye pencil, coffee

MakeUp by Sparkle lipgloss, Spiritual

I wanted to bring out the greens that I had in my earrings because I didn’t think they were showcased enough amongst all that HAIR!! LOL! Plus I just love greens and golds on brown skin so any excuse to rock it, I’m takin’ it!

Would you like to see more fashion/ OOTD type posts?? Leave your comments below!

Contouring for the GODS!!! Using Black Opal Cosmetics

3 Oct

Let me tell you something about these friggin foundations…

My curiosity was peeked with these foundations particularly because I was inspired by BisaNation (http://www.youtube.com/user/BisaNation#g/u)  and her foundation routine video, in which she used several products, one of which was Dermablend foundations. For anyone who’s not familiar with Dermablend foundations, really quickly, this is a rich, creamy, ultra pigmented foundation, mostly packaged in a white jar. The consistency is very thick and is mostly used in the coverage of hyper-pigmentation in skin and scar coverage. It’s a heavy-duty, cream foundation y’all.  Continue reading

8 Week FINAL Review: Vixxens Imports Hair Virgin Indian/ Info on my new 3/4 Wig Install

16 Sep

So Divas, I have reached the final stretch with my gorgeous VIXXENS HAIR IMPORTS Virgin Indian Hair! I have sewn it in, created two 3/4 (U Part) Wigs, colored it, layered it, curled it…EVERYTHING!! Now here’s my final report of my overall experience with this company; still Divafide and Satisfied! I have experienced more shedding with all the tossles and tumbles that I put this hair through, enough to let you DIVAS know, but not enough to turn me off to this company. Upon my initial review, it was soft, tangle-free, minimum shedding, cleaned/ sanitized with a very faint scent, it colored easily and beautifully, it curled wonderfully and it held on to the curling styling with minimum product.

The changes that I made with this 3/4 wig install is actually the base/ cap that I used! I opted to use an actual mesh/ netted wig cap w/ adjustable straps. I simply sewn the tracks onto the cap, closely together, and left out a smaller, U Shape opening at the top. I also used a sting/ thread across the front of the U part to keep the shape of the wig. I may add clips or combs in this wig later, once I get a real feel of how this structure holds up. Check out these photos below!

Check out my 8 week review (recorded Sept. 1, 2011);

Info on my hair’s stats, check out my initial and 5 week review:

Go here!: https://glamscamartists.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/5-week-update-vixxens-hair-imports-virgin-indian-hair/

Lipstick Swatches: Maybeline Color Sensational Lipsticks

5 Sep

wearing Moonstone Mauvewearing Amethyst Ablaze

wearing Plum Jewel

wearing Amethyst Ablaze

wearing Red Haute

So here’s a better look at how the lipsticks look in the tubing. From how it appears on my lips as well as the swatches, you can tell that all of these lipsticks are high intensity color!

The lipsticks’ consistency is super smooth and moisturizing which is perfect for your pout. There’s a fragrance that is sort of floral, which doesn’t bother me at all. I typically appreciate minty, fruity or florally smelling lip products as opposed to oil/ wax scented lip products.

YOU GUYS WON’T BELIEVE THIS but I bought these lipsticks for only 87 cents A PIECE!!!!! They were on super-clearance at my local drug store (75 % off) plus my sister, Asherfaye, works there so she gets an additional employee discount. OH JOY!!! Enjoy these swatches and check out Maybeline’s awesome Color Sensational lipsticks yourself. Shop wisely Divas!

Get the Look: Nicki Minaj feat. Rhianna “Fly” video look

5 Sep










Products Used:

Maybeline Line Stylist pencil (Expre
sso)Sephora concealer (Tan/ Mat)

NYX eyeshadow base (ESB03)
Studio Gear Cosmetics e/s (Sable)
NYX Cosmetics e/s (True Taupe)
Loreal e/s, matte (Sandy Shores)
NYX Cosemetics e/s (Brown)

Mary Kate- Ashley Olson Sequ

Black Radiance gel liner (Classic Black)

in Dust all over Shimmer
LA Splash base/ sealer
ICE 100% Human Hair 010 BL

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Ruby Kis


ses No More Blemish LF (Golden Beige/ Cognac)
Palladio Rice Powder (Warm Beige)
ELF Blush (Tickled Pink)

MBS lip pencil (Chestnut)
NYX Black Label Lipstick (Summer in Hampton)
NYX eyeshadow base (ESB03)


Kim Kardashian Purple Smokey Eye

30 Aug
Product Listing:

Brows/ Eyes:
Nars Concealer Duo (Praline/ Tofee)
Maybeline Line Stylist (Expresso)
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Lid Primer
Studio Gear Cosmetics e/s (Sable and Amethyst)
M.A.C. e/s (Sketch)
Black Radiance gel liner (Classic Black)
Ardell Demi (120)

Face/ Lips:
Ruby Kisses No More Blemish LF (Golden Honey and Cognac)
Palladio Rice Powder
M.A.C. MSF (Dark)
BSlap Cosmetics pigment (Hottest B)
E.L.F. Blush (Candid Coral)
LA Girl lip liner (Deepest Brown)
MakeUp by Sparkle lipstick (Mozart)
MakeUp by Sparkle lip gloss (Spiritual)

I think this is one of the SEXIEST smokey eyes there is. And believe or not, using purple shades really make brown eyes POP! All my brown eye Divas, rock this look. You can change it from day to night simply by adding or subtracting the darker colors in the lids, or opting for a sheerer, nude lip! FAB

Spiced Rum Look using Aboni Cosmetics

26 Aug

Products Used:

Maybeline Line Stylist pencil (expresso)

UDDP (eden)

NYX Concealer in a Jar (cj07)

NYX Jumbo Pencil (Rust)

E.L.F. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette (brown, shimmer brwn, black)

Aboni Cosmetics pigments (Goldilocks, Penny Lane, Wine)

Black Radiance gel liner (Classic Black)

Size Queen Mascara

Ardell Demi 120’s


Sephora brand tinted moisturizer

Sephora brand concealer

Ruby kisses HD foundation

Palladio Rice Powder

Bitch Slap Cosmetics pigment (Hottest Bitch)

Sedona Lace 28 color blush palette

Aboni Cosmetics blush (Ambition)


Beautique lip liner (Currant)

NYX Matte lip cream (Londan and San Palo)

Revlon colorburst lipgloss (Crystal Lilac)

Aboni Cosmetics: http://abonicosmetics.com/


Review Time: Aboni Cosmetics

26 Aug

(left to right) Crystal Pink, Wine, Blue Lagoon, Avacado Twist, Goldilocks, Penny Lane and Ambition (blush)

HEY DIVAS!!! So here’s a cpl swatches I gathered of some pigments and a blush from Aboni Cosmetics. I recieved a total of 6 pigments (pigment “Cloud Nine” not shown), 1 blush and 1 lipstick.

Pros: Highly pigmented, quality cosmetics

Cosmetic line is designed with Women of Color in mind.

Visibility/ Website interface is comprehensive, professional, informative.

Product packaging/ labeling is professional and sleek.

Customer Service is accommodating.

Cons: some of the price points are a little high for a company with little reputation.

With all things considered, I still believe that this company is worthy of a look at the very least. After going over a few things on the site, your curiousity will be peeked. I think if this site offered samples or free gifts for first time purchases, it would be more tempting to purchase and try them out for sure!

Shop wisely Divas,

xoxo Chrissy


SWATCHES!! E.L.F. 100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette/

22 Aug

swatches of the blue row

swatches were obtain using only a slightly damp brush. No base, no primer


So I decided to show a few swatches of a couple of my E.L.F. palettes just to show you the AWESOME pigmentation and color pay off you can get with this product line. For a fraction of the costs of higher priced, similar cosmetics, it’s perfect for a beginner or pro, for special occasions of EVERY DAY WEAR!


Price point is unbeatable!

It’s a reputable, well known cosmetics line with a huge customer base, so you can get a lot of feedback from reviews alone.

It’s visable in both drug stores, as well as online and in some cases department/ retail stores as well.

Color payoff is incredible.

Most palettes give you a variety of matte, pearl and shimmer shades!


You don’t have an opportunity to “test” or “swatch” the product prior to purchase

Some shades come off a little chalky (which could be easily resolved using mixing mediums or different bases)

Some shades are not as “powerful” as others.

As always I encourage you to weigh out your options, do your research and shop wisely Divas!

xoxo Chrissy

New Purple Cut Crease Using SugarPill Cosmetics/ Updated Review

17 Aug


So I was sifting through my mounds, and MOUNDS of pigments and stumbled back upon some of my fav pigments from an AWESOME company; SugarPill Cosmetics!

Using the loose eyeshadows, Weekender and Hysteric, I created this cut crease look.

Products Used:


Maybeline Line Stylists liner (expresso)

E.L.F. Treat and Tame brow gel (medium)

NARS Concealer Duo


UDDP (eden)

SugarPill Cosmetics loose eyeshadow (Hysteric/ Weekender)

E.L.F. Studio Palette (everyday classics)

Coastal Scents’ hot pots (CM07/ CM06)

Black Radiance gel liner (classic black)

Lo’real Voluminous Million Lashes mascara


Revlon ColorStay Foundation (Caramel/ Cappacino)

Ruby Kisses foundation

Palladio Rice Paper translucent powder

MakeUp by Sparkle blush, contour (hot and spicy)

Sedona Lace 28 color blush palette

Aboni Cosmetics blush (ambition)

Tutorial for the look:

If you guys aren’t familiar with my initial impression with this company and their products, take a look at my review that I did just a few months back;

So YES, from the site, to the owner to the stand alone, in-your-face, kick ass, bright colors, I can do nothing but smile with dealing with this company. I wanted to share with you guys just a few swatches of the 6 pigments that I recieved from Shrinkle.

(left to right) Hysteric, Starling, Magentric, Goldilux, Tiara and Weekender

All of these swatches where applied using a slightly damp brush, no base.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I STILL AM ADDICTED to Sugarpill. Great products, great theme, Awesome representation, excellent price points for the size/ amount of product; Definitely a winner in my book.

Check out these sites! Shop wisely Divas!

Sugar Pill Cosmetics: http://www.sugarpillshop.com/collections/loose-eyeshadows

E.L.F. Studio: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/sets-and-palettes/palettes/endless_eyes_pro_mini_eyeshadow_palette_limited_edition

Coastal Scents: http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm/product/1927_122/creative-me-1.cfm

MakeUp by Sparkle: http://www.makeupbysparkle.com/products.html

Hair Baby!!: Wavy, Bouncy Curls

16 Aug

Want to get these big, bouncy curls? Check out the vid below Divas!


When using hot tools, please, please, please use the proper heat protectant!

Moisturize your hair according to your hair type!

Depending on your hair’s retention to curlers, add a shine-infused holding spray, or light weight spritz to maintain those tosseled tresses.

Lastly, to maintain these curls, use small clips or silk wrapped rollers before calling it a night!

Sweet dreams Divas!

Get the look: Lala Vasquez Inspired Look

16 Aug

Hey Divas!!

So I did a google search of Lala Vasquez makeup because I’ve always been inspired by the carefree yet high maintenance look she always rocks in general; her smokey eyes always looks effortless, yet polished, and when she does a more extreme look, it still has a toned down elegance that is to DIE FOR! I decided to do a look inspired by this look (see below);

Products Used:
Maybeline Line Stylists pencil “Expresso”
BitchSlap Cosmetics brow powder “Auburn”
Maybeline FIT Concealer “#30”
Revlon Color Stay foundation “380 Caramel”
BitchSlap Cosmetics Loose Powder “Butternut”
Iman Foundation Stick “Clay 2”
28 Neutral Palette dark brown e/s & copper blush (blush/contour)
Graffiti Divas Cosmetics Blush “Cordial”
Femme Couture Mineral Effects Bake Bronzer “Twice Baked”
MakeUp by Sparkle e/s “Cutting Edge”
MakeUp by Sparkle e/s “Minx”
MakeUp by Sparkle e/s “Ochre”
MakeUp by Sparkle e/s “Carbon”
120 Matte Eyeshadow palette (highlight, burnt orange, brown, sage)
L’oreal liquid liner “Carbon Black”
Milani Liquif’Eye khol liner “Black”
Select Lash eyelashes “S42 Black”
L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes “635 G900”
NYX lip liner “Purple Rain”
NYX Black Label Lipstick “Beige”
MakeUp by Sparkle lipgloss “Nearly Naked”
Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss “Pearl Plum”

I absolutely love this look. There’s a lot of warmth all over her face, from the rich berry toned lips, to the burnt orange and brown shades applied to her crease areas and lower lashline of her eyes, to even the subtle hint of flushness to her cheeks. Then the artist brought in the cool tones of a icy silver and forest green on her lid, which makes her green eyes pop! To further glamify this look, the artist incorporated lush, full lashes; icing on the cake!

I later decided to re-do this look, using different products, and “upping the Glam” by choosing both lighter and darker, yet equally bolder colors. See below! Continue reading

Get The Look: Basketball Wives Shaunie O’Neal

15 Aug


Maybeline Line Stylist (expresso)

NARS concealer duo (praline/ toffee)


Smashbox High Def Healthy Skin Found (D1)

IMAN Cosmetics Luminous Pressed Powder (Earth 5)Black Radiance Artisan Blush (Toasted Almond)Eyes:Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer

Ruby Kisses Jumbo Crayon (Razzle Dazzle)100 Color Evening Bag PaletteStud
io Gear Cosmetics e/s (Amethist, Freesia & Sable)Loreal Liner Intense Liquid Eyeliner (Carbon black)

Smashbox Hyperlash mascara

Smashbox Limitless eyeliner (onyx)

The ladies of BBW this season has DEFINITELY stepped it up a notch when it came to their makeup choices. I found myself inspired to recreate a lot of these ladies’ looks. This go round I decided to recreate a shimmery, purple cut crease look that Shaunie rocked in one of her confessionals during the Season 3 episodes. To see how I achieved this look, flip the hood! Continue reading

Retro Look: Pin-Up w/ a Twist!

15 Aug

Hello my LOVELIES!!! So I’ve been playing in my new palette that I received from Colorful Online. I must say, I really love this particular palette, the 4th Edition 120 Palette. It’s ultra versatile, especially as a freelance artist, I can really rely on the shades and finishes found in this palette for my fabulous brides. Don’t be turned off by this palette’s muted shades, look at the look I was able to whip out! Definitely not muted!

I must admit, this was a look I did on a whim; it started off as a Pin Up look, but then some things started churning in my head and I decided to bump it up a notch! Can we say “Lavendar LIPS”? Fab