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FOTD: Navy Blue Smoky Eyes

30 Apr


Products Used:

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid, NC50

IMAN Pressed Powder, Earth Medium

Sephora Collection Perfecting Cover Concealer, Tan

NARS cream bronzer,

Jenni Rivera 36 eyeshadow/ blush palette, shimmery coral & dark pink blush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Tint, Brunette

Lancome Artliner, Brown

Milani Liquif’Eye Metallic Pencil, Black

Jenni Rivera 36 eyeshadow/ blush palette, shimmery/ white & navy blue eyeshadow

M.A.C. lip pencil, Plum

M.A.C. lip stick, Saint Germain

297960_10151357085736555_1547589423_nHair Provided by http://www.Ex-oticHairExtensions.com

FOTD: Smoke & Mirrors

28 Apr


Products Used:

M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid, NC50

IMAN Pressed Powder, Earth Medium

Sephora Collection Perfecting Cover Concealer, Tan

NARS cream bronzer,

Jenni Rivera 36 eyeshadow/ blush palette, shimmery coral & dark pink blush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Tint, Brunette

Lancome Artliner, Brown

Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Liner, Classic Black

Sephora Collection Eyeshadow, N0.60 Diamonds are Forever

Jenni Rivera 36 eyeshadow/ blush palette, shimmery/ glitter black shadow

Milani Infinite Eyeliner, black

M.A.C. lip pencil, Plum

OCC lip tar, Hoochie

544228_10151349777516555_1088007544_nhair: http://www.ex-otichairextensions.com/



Black Radiance’s 4 Color Eyeshadow “Vivid Imagination”

16 Feb

So it’s obvious that I’m totally I love with Black Radiance as a brand. It’s a drug store brand of cosmetics that really cater to women of color. Score! Not only does Black Radiance currently have an impressive selection of products you can use on your entire face, they have these incredible new high impact color quads that are sure to look fab on anyone!

The look I created I used almost all Black Radiance products but the intensity of the rich cobalt blue from the Vivid Imagination palette definitely is the stand out star of this look. Silky smooth, super pigmented and super blend able, this palette gets high marks all across the board for me!

Retro Look: Pin-Up w/ a Twist!

15 Aug

Hello my LOVELIES!!! So I’ve been playing in my new palette that I received from Colorful Online. I must say, I really love this particular palette, the 4th Edition 120 Palette. It’s ultra versatile, especially as a freelance artist, I can really rely on the shades and finishes found in this palette for my fabulous brides. Don’t be turned off by this palette’s muted shades, look at the look I was able to whip out! Definitely not muted!

I must admit, this was a look I did on a whim; it started off as a Pin Up look, but then some things started churning in my head and I decided to bump it up a notch! Can we say “Lavendar LIPS”? Fab

Haulin’ A$$: My Holiday Haul, Got Lots of Goodies!

29 Jan

I'm wearing some of the fab finds listed in this post! Million Dollar look for pennies on the dollar Divas! Products Used: (brows) Maybeline Line Stylist pencil "Expresso" Maybeline FIT concealer "#30" (eyes) LA Splash sealer/ shadow base FC (Femme Couture) Ultra Smooth gel eyeliner "Expresso" NYX eyeshadows "Gypsy" "Root Beer" "True Taupe" Milani Liquid-Fye khol liner "black" Loreal liquid liner "Carbon Black" Black Radiance Lash Lengthening mascara "Black" Amazing Shine falsies "#600" (face) FC (Femme Couture) face primer Maybeline FIT liquid foundation "#355" "#320" FC (Femme Couture) mineral bronzer, matte "Beach Girl" MAC MSF powder "Natural Dark" BSC (BitchSlap Cosmetics) pigment "Hottest Bitch" (lips) NYX slim lip pencil "LPL 14 Mauve" Milani lip/ eye pencil "Coffee" Revlon lipgloss "Nude Lustre" MBS (MakeUp by Sparkle) glossware "Barely Naked"

Hey Guys! SO I’ve been a little busy bee this holiday season. I’ve been picking up a few little goodies that I’ve either always been curious about, I’d recieve questions on or I’ve just been greedy and my eyes became (almost) bigger than my wallet. Thank GOD for my Divas in my city. I’ve been workin’ my little tale off beating faces and collecting cash for my untreated condition; I’m a TRUE Makeup-holic!! Nothing satisfies my addiction more, when it comes to new and fresh products, than GREAT DEALS!! I hate spending my hard earned money on over-hyped products JUST to feel like at the end, “Damn, I wasted my damn money!” Ugh. Well the bright side of most of my Buyer’s Remorse purchases is that, in most cases, AT LEAST I can return the products.

Enough blabbing Divas. Time to move on to my GOODIES!! First off, let me just say, I will have a couple separate videos featuring a lot of the products listed below.  More than likely, you’ll just see me feature these products in my upcoming makeup tutorials. I may not do a video review of all of them, but don’t worry, you will get my opinions on each of these fierce, fab, frugal finds! See who makes the grade! Check ’em out!

These are in no particular order of fabulousness, but in an effort to maintain some kind of order, let’s start with the FACE!!

Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer “Twice Baked”. Not so unlike M.A.C.’s MSF bronzers, truly! I love, love, love this bronzer!!! Beautiful color pay off, gorgeous sheen, wonderful staying power and because it’s mineral based, it’s really good for your skin. I personally sheer some of this bad boy all over my face after I apply a great tinted moisturizer loaded w/ SPF for a natural glow! So beautiful! And it retails for about $7.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply (prices may very depending on city, state, sales taxes) A++ All the WAY!

Femme Couture Mineral Effects Face Primer: Super creamy! It almost feels like whipped marshmellows. It has a very faint scent to it, not overpowering or off putting at all. Does it do the job? Jury’s still out on that one. Although it feels wonderful on my skin, I’ve tried it on a few of my clients, but unfortunately I haven’t encountered any clients with particularly uneven surfaces to test out its “smoothing” effect. I’ll get back to you on that one. For me, it was a good investment for sure. My client’s skin looks even more flawless, and on a personal note, my makeup glided on effortlessly! Retails for about $12 at Sally’s Beauty Supply (prices may very depending on city, state, sales taxes) I’ll give it an A

Hard Candy’s mineral baked bronzer: Its ah-ight, but it ain’t ALL-LAT! LOL! It was only 6 bucks at Wal-Mart (prices may very depending on city, state, sales taxes), kind of an impulse buy. Not a total bust. It does have a gorgeous sheen to it. My only real complaint is that sheen can be a little over powering if you don’t use it in moderation. I give it a strong B.

Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Bronzer “Beach Girl” (matte) LOVE IT~~ A total comp for any of the M.A.C. MSF matte powders! My only complaint for this line, specifically for their pressed powders/ bronzers is that their shade selection is very scarce. Sigh. A

Ulta Minerals Bronzer “Bronze Glow”: I’m in bronzer heaven with this one! Just right; the right amount of sheen, the right amount of matte-ness and the right amount of color pay-off. I forget the price on this one, but check out your local Ulta Store or their website for that. A+

Maybeline FIT line liquid foundation and concealer: Surprisengly (but not really) I REALLY lucked out with this one!!! I really like this line. It’s advertised to sort of enhance and imitate the look of skin! Yay, makeup that doesn’t look like makeup; something I’m sure a lot of my Divas out there could appreciate right? RIGHT!! Buildable coverage? Yes! The consistency is a little off putting, it feels “thin” and really liquidy, but it actually works to its benifit. The concealer is the BOMB! One thing I like about this line is they sort of give you customizable shade numbers to match up to create a flawless face. Example, if your foundation is a 320 or 355, then the concealer you’re matched up with is a 30. If you’re a 220 or 230, your concealer is a 20. Easy as pie! (prices may very depending on city, state, sales taxes) I picked these bad boys up from my local Walgreens Drug Store and caught an awesome sale!

One con I’d be re-missed to not mention, throughout the day the foundation does sort of change color, as in deepen in shade as it “settles” into your skin. This may help you better when it comes to finding your perfect shade. Try a shade slightly lighter than your own, and you should be good. B+

Now on to the LIPS!

Black Radiance Prismatic Color lipglosses (l to r)”Diva Deluxe & Posh Plum”: OH MY GORGEOUS GOD!! Two words; THEEE BOMB!! Love these glosses. Pure color, pure shine…only like 3 bucks! Can’t beat that ish with a bat! A+++++++

The Maximum MAX lipgloss (Beauty Supply Store Find): Okay, this was totally an impulse buy. This is obviously cheaper or generic M.A.C. lipglass replica. Okay, okay, I get that. But hey, I don’t work for M.A.C., so I don’t care whose name is on the bottle, it’s what’s INSIDE that counts. For only $1.99 and this color pay-off, I came off on top with this one. The colors go on smooth, it has a pleasant sweet scent to it and the shade selection is quite impressive. I’m gaga over that purple gloss. SOOOO PRETTY! The only real con with these glosses is that they don’t have any shade names or numbers. Sigh. For that, I would give them an A-

Black Radiance Liquid Lip Color (l to r) “Crystal Rose, Ginger Spice, Bronze Elegance, Luscious Pink”: As you can see, the color pay off is excellent! LOVE THEM! The only con is that they do require quite a bit reapplying. I would totally use these for photo shoots because the colors are so vibrant and retouching between takes is expected, BUT I rarely grab these glosses for everyday wear. These glosses run about $3-$4 (prices may very depending on city, state, sales taxes) B+/ A-

MakeUp by Sparkle  “Dripping Wet” Holiday Collection Mini Lip Glazes (l to r) “Patty Cakes, Peep Show, Cat Call”: Really, really pretty, barely-there, sheer glosses. Sweet, sugar cookie scent and taste. YUM! A good reference point would be M.A.C.’s lipglasses. A+

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss (l to r) “Pink Pop, Pearl Plum, Nude Lustre, Lilac Pastelle, Coral Reef” : I LOVE THESE GLOSSES!! So in love with this beautiful coral color, just dying over here with that lavender gloss, and the baby pink gloss is giving me LIFE!!  These glosses retail for about $8 a piece (prices may very depending on city, state, sales taxes). The consistency is thick but non-sticky, so you feel secure that no matter how faint or powerful the shade you pick, your lips are going to be glowing chile! A+

Revlon Colorblast Lipgloss  “Hot Pink Rose”: Definitely lives up to its name, it’s a blast of color baby. THAT IS PINK!! LOL! I really like this gloss for its shine and color pay off, but it feels a tad bit “grainy” due to the fine glitters that give this gloss its unique glow. B+

I’ve got my EYE on these finds!

NYX Jumbo Pencils (l to r) “Electric Blue, Purple Velvet and Rocky Mountain Green”: I love me some NYX Jumbo Pencils, and these are some of the newest shades that they offer. I picked these up from Ulta and I got them for a pretty decent deal, about $4 each. Only con is, if you’re not familiar with the texture of NYX’s Jumbo Pencils, they’re very creamy and could crease on your lids if you’re not careful. But that’s more on an “Operator’s Error” if this becomes a problem for you. Use in moderation and blend it well. All shades are true-to-tone.  A+++

Look Using LA Splash Passionate Plum (outer half & outer "V" crease area)

LA Splash Cosmetics mineral eyeshadow “Passionate Plum”: OH-EM-GHEE! So pretty! Just look at the picture above…you see that deep passionate plum baby. Nuff said. ULTA ALL DAY!! A++++++++++

LA Splash Splash Proof Sealer eyeshadow sealer/ base: This is EXCELLENT to apply cosmetic glitters, but you can also use this to apply loose shadows and pressed shadows as well. If you do, may I suggest you blend this in WELL and still add a colored cream shadow or base to the lids prior to your shadows. I’ve used this for quite a few looks, and it absolutely does the job! No creases here baby, my lids are sealed! A+++++

LOADS OF LASHES!! (l to r) Amazing Shine Eyelash #38, #600, #01″ and Ardell Runway MUA Collection “Gisele”: No need for review, but FYI, these Amazing Shine lashes are beauty supply store finds and they were ONLY $1.99 EACH!!

Black Radiance Lash Lenthening Mascara: This brush tip is not all too unfamiliar at all. It’s the perfect design to bring out maximum lash potential. For only $3.99 (Prices may vary depending on the city, state and sales taxes), it easily competes with the more expensive brands promising the same thing. The black mascara is SUPER BLACK so my lashes definitely look lush and lovely! A++++

Femme Couture Flawless Touch Eye Primer: Eh, what can I say. I can do with or without it. Not a total bust, it does feel quite lovely on my lids. I fear that the consistancy of this product doesn’t really help with de-creasing your shadows if you have somewhat oily skin, specifically lids. One way to avoid any issues would be to wipe off any access oils or moisturizers that may be on the lid and then apply a really thin layer of this primer on.  Again, I’ve personally had better primers so I wasn’t really blown away with this one. C+

Get Nailed!

So I’m going to get into doing nail looks and tutorials soon and I figure, what’s beautiful nails if they’re not healthy first? No reviews for these products below because I haven’t used them enough yet. But no worries, we will revisit these products to see if they were hit or miss for me.

Healthy nails are STRONG nails. Achieve this w/o acrylics! (clockwise) nail buffer, emory board, nail smoother/ polisher, Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler, Gelous Advance Nail Gel Coat, LA Girl Calcium Nail Builder.

Pretty in Pink (t to b) China Glaze polish “Pink Voltage (neon)” “Purple Panic (neon)”

Look of the Day: Turquoise and Brown

22 Dec

The Inspiration

I’ve always been in love with this color combination. To me, in a word, this looks simply “Delicious”. Like chocolate/ mints, yum. I’ve been thinking about redecorating my room, and this color scheme just popped in my head and I could not get it OUT!! LOL!! So of course I had to channel a wonderful inspiration into a diva liscious makeup look! Check it out!

Products Used:


Maybeline Line Stylist “Expresso”

IMAN Concealer


LA Splash primer

Oasis Cosmetics “Jade” cream eyeliner

Real Colors Waterproof Eyeshadow quad “Starstruck” (turquoise)

MakeUp by Sparkle eyeshadow “Minx”

Jean Michelle quad (discontinued) use a red brown color, and highlight color

Makeup by Sparkle pigment “No Brainer”

Milani Liquid Fye khol pencil, aqua color

Couture Minerals liquid eyeliner (black)

beauty supply brand #43 lashes, or Ardell Demi’s


MakeUp by Sparkle liquid foundation “C10 Warm Yellow”

Couture Minerals (matte) mineral bronzer, “Beach Girl”

MAC MSF “Dark/ Natural”

Black Radiance Artisian blush “Toasted Almond”


“Natural” lip liner

“Light Brown” lip liner

(will add specific brands and shade names for lip glosses later)

REVIEW TIME: Mark. by Avon

29 Nov

Let me first start off by saying, I LOVE ME SOME AVON baby!! Don’t sleep, don’t sleep; a lot of the products that Avon provides are genuinely QUALITY. I personally live by their mascaras and their makeup primer. Soooo goood. I’ve been flippin’ through their cataloges for soooo long…but admittedly, a lot of the products that Avon does sell, namely their foundations and some of their mineral eyeshadows, are not quite up to par for my taste. A lot of their shades and finishes are a little “old-fashioned” if I can say that; Hey, just being honest.

Now Avon has a hipper, cooler, little sister…Mark.! I must say, the color selection and product variations that Mark.’s line carry is pretty dope, and with the quality of their products in general, it’s definitely a great and smart buy.

Checkout these AWESOME swatches and the amazing color payoff from these products!

Check out my (2-Part) Review on all the products I recieved from Mark.

Continue reading

Olives and Grape Look w/ Tutorial

25 Oct

Olives and Grapes

Hey Divas! So I finally got around to getting this look done and uploaded on my YouTube.

As I mentioned in this tutorial, I believe that although this look is very much “Spring-y”, in some weird way, I totally can see this as a beautiful Fall/ Autumn Look, outside of the normal oranges and browns.

So if you would like to introduce a real pop of color into your Autumn Look, check out the tutorial.

For full product listing, check it out below!… Continue reading

Look of the Day: Olives and Grapes

8 Oct
Who says greens, peaches and purples are just for Summer/ Spring? Fall into the Fall season with this gorgeous pop of color on your lids, and warm it up with rich bronzes on the face and a soft peach on your lips.


Who says greens, peaches and purples are just for Summer/ Spring? Fall into the Fall season with this gorgeous pop of color on your lids, and warm it up with rich bronzes on the face and a soft peach on your lips.

Tutorial for this look coming soon! Check out what products I used on Ms. Field’s face Continue reading

Look of the Day: Rich Ginger

6 Oct

Products Used:

26 Neutral/ Blush Palette
120 Palette
BitchSlap Cosmetics 5 color palette “Dizzy Bitch”
NYX Jumbo Pencil “Rust”
Maybeline Eye Studio Cream Eyeliner
Rimmel eyeliner Duo (Black/ White)
NYX e/s in Brown
NICKA K volume mascara
Loreal Telescopic mascara
SOSSI eyelashes

Check out the tutorial for this look!

Look of the Day: 1950s Housewife

6 Oct

Let’s play Dress UP!

Products Used

Mac’s “Groundwork” Paintpot
Beelucious Cosmetics “Butter Pecan” cream eyeshadow
Mac’s “Sketch” e/s
Mac’s “Embark” e/s
NYX’s “Dandy” e/s trio
Maybeline Eye Studio gel liner
Oasis Cosmetic’s “Anisette” liquid liner
off brand white khol pencil
NYX “Current” lip pencil
Revlon Matte lipstick in “Really Red”
Mac’s Mineralize Blush “Love Thing”

Here’s the tutorial.