REVIEW TIME: Mark. by Avon

29 Nov

Let me first start off by saying, I LOVE ME SOME AVON baby!! Don’t sleep, don’t sleep; a lot of the products that Avon provides are genuinely QUALITY. I personally live by their mascaras and their makeup primer. Soooo goood. I’ve been flippin’ through their cataloges for soooo long…but admittedly, a lot of the products that Avon does sell, namely their foundations and some of their mineral eyeshadows, are not quite up to par for my taste. A lot of their shades and finishes are a little “old-fashioned” if I can say that; Hey, just being honest.

Now Avon has a hipper, cooler, little sister…Mark.! I must say, the color selection and product variations that Mark.’s line carry is pretty dope, and with the quality of their products in general, it’s definitely a great and smart buy.

Checkout these AWESOME swatches and the amazing color payoff from these products!

Check out my (2-Part) Review on all the products I recieved from Mark.



Tutorial on this Look:

Pros: All of these products (featured in the video) are packaged perfectly for the Diva-On-The-Go.

Cons: None really, not really noteworthy…but if you’re a Professional Makeup Artist, this may not be the product line to add to your professional kit with the packaging that they are house; style is a little too “specific” to the Mark. Campaign line, pink and brown. May not be an issue with some MUA’s.

Rating: All-in-all, I give it my official Stamp of Approval for 100% Jet Setting Diva Certified. It’s Convenient, it’s Quality and it’s Oh-So Adorable.

Check out my girl’s Mark. page if you want to get you some fab makeup!

Jennifer Gill:

Products Used:
Maybeline Line Stylists pencil “Expresso”
Milani Concealer “Honey Amber 03”
Loreal De-Crease base
Mark. Keep it Going Cream Eyeshadow “Surreal”
Stars Makeup Haven e/s “Bohemia”
B-Slap Cosmetics “Hottest B” pigment
Makeup by Sparkle Cosmetics e/e “Minx”
Oasis Cosmetics liquid liner “Annisette”
Mark. No Place to Run khol liner pencil “Jet Set”
Makeup by Sparkle Cosmetics liquid foundation “C10 Warm Yellow”
Black Opal Oil Blocking Translucent Powder
B-Slap Cosmetics “Hottest B” pigment
Mark. Lipclick “Malt Malt”

Jennifer Gill’s Mark. Store:
Makeup By Sparkle:
Bitchslap Cosmetics:
Oasis Cosmetics:

2 Responses to “REVIEW TIME: Mark. by Avon”

  1. Miss Salom 11/30/2010 at 11:18 am #

    Hello i wanted to say you do a really good job!!!! Very personable also…. I am mark rep and i seen your review and really liked it!! So if you could please spread fro me that would be great!!!
    Peace,Love& Blessings!!

  2. Marsha 06/14/2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Hi, I’m Marsha I love your blog, I think you are the best when it comes to makeup, Visit my blog, please and follow and I’ll do the same for u! thnx

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